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Brake Shop Near Me

Let a Good Motorcycle Repair Shop Take Care of Your Brakes

With motorcycles and cars, the usual focus is on making sure they keep going. However, as a brake shop near me will point out, it's just as important to make sure that your vehicles stop when they're supposed to. Fortunately, this is usually a matter of making sure that standardized procedures are done on a timely basis.

One thing that can be frustrating about brakes is that it's impossible to guess how long you can drive before you need to have them worked on. That's because different driving and riding styles, road conditions, and traffic levels all affect this duration. The only real way to know in advance is to have ridden the motorcycle long enough to have detected a pattern.

Because of this, Lawson's Automotive & Motorcycle Repair/Performance, a brake shop near me, recommends that you get your brakes checked on a regular schedule. This helps to ensure that when your brake pads start to wear down, the issue will be spotted while you still have stopping power. Almost as importantly, it will help to prevent damaging contact between the pads' metal backings and the rotors.

If you hear your brakes giving off a warning squeak, or you hear a grinding noise, you should never wait for a scheduled brake check. These sounds mean that the time is up. You need to take your bike to a motorcycle repair shop and have a brake job done immediately. The grinding noise usually means that metal-to-metal contact is happening. If the brakes aren't fixed then, the next stage can involve the total loss of stopping power.


Whether you just need a brake check or you need repairs, contact Lawson's Automotive & Motorcycle Repair/Performance. You'll love the peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle will stop when it needs to.

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