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Can Your Automotive Shop Provide Advanced Tuning Services?

All too often, getting a tune-up doesn't result in performance that is all that much better than it was prior to the service. To combat this problem, shops like Lawson's Automotive & Motorcycle Repair/Performance use advanced tuning methods to help ensure superior results. One of these methods is known as dyno/tuning or dyno tuning.

Like regular tuning, dyno/tuning aims to optimize the fuel/air ratio and timing. The goal can simply be to improve efficiency and normal engine power, or it can be done to get a race car to its top potential. Tuning also helps with problems like hard starting, lack of power, pinging, and surging. These issues are especially common on older vehicles due to the fact that parts wear as they age, but heavy use can bring them on sooner.

Dyno tuning uses a machine that measures all of the relevant aspects before the automotive shop technician starts working. This eliminates guesswork and improves the results of the project. It also lets you know, in advance, what work will need to be done. This makes it so that you don't have to wonder what your tune-up will cost, whether anything will need to be replaced, and other things along those lines. You'll love the no-surprises aspect of the dyno tuning process, while the technician will appreciate not having to try to suss out what needs to be done based on indirect signals like engine sounds.

Thanks to the benefits of dyno tuning, it has become popular with the owners of cars, trucks, and motorcycles. To learn more about it or schedule an appointment, contact us here at Lawson's Automotive & Motorcycle Repair/Performance in Fort Wayne, IN. We'll be glad to help you get your ride back up to snuff.

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